Just updating to let everyone know I am still accepting new clients !i usually take each of my dogs (clients )and give them 1 on 1 special care.instead of most dog walkers that walk 5 dogs at once ,i take them for a half hour walk everyday and give meds if needed and am C.V.T  (certified veterinary technician) and love and take care of them.as my own ,so please help we get a few more clients so while your gone your buddy is still.getting the love and attention he /she needs ,thank you !( I have references from veterinarians upon request)

A little about myself.

Michelle L. Kovalik

I have always had a love and passion for animals.  I consider myself an animal advocate concentrating on abuse . I’ve worked as a veterinary technician for 8 years and have been lucky to work beside many talented veterinarians. I learned an incredible amount about small animals by working with these medical professionals.  This has added depth and breadth to my working knowledge of small animals.  With my experience in the field,  I am able to deliver quality care in a relaxed, compassionate way.


Please feel free to ask me  any questions about my experience.  Also please do not hesitate to voice your particular walking concerns for your beloved friends when requesting my services.